Final Fantasy 16: ESRB indicates it for a mature audience. It will contain several violent scenes
Naoki Yoshida appears to have lived up to his September statements. Final Fantasy XVI will apparently be the darkest and most adult chapter of the franchise, and this was first confirmed by the Brazilian rating and then, in the last few hours, by the ESRB (Entertianment Software Rating Board).

The latter has in fact cataloged the game as Mature 17+, therefore indexed for an audience that is no longer adolescent. The reasons would lie in the presence of particularly violent scenes and also nude sequences.

The description provided by the ESRB leaves little room for doubt. Final Fantasy 16 is in fact a title that will allow you to face your enemies with magical and melee attacks, thanks to the use of swords.

“During combat sequences, players will be able to perform cinematic attacks and executions by executing on-screen commands. The battles will be frantic, accompanied by the sound of weapon impacts, cries of pain and huge explosions.

“Various blood splatter effects will appear when characters are mowed down and killed. Cutscenes show further acts of violence and gore. A character's hand will be severed by a sword; a guard's throat will be cut by a knife; one character will be impaled through the chest; a prisoner's shoulder will be pierced and dislocated during an interrogation” , concludes the ESRB, at least on the subject of violence.

Final Fantasy 16, however, will not be limited to this but will also show references to prostitution and sex, with body parts such as breasts and buttocks partially leaked.

Obviously there will be various vulgarities that certainly do not need mention. We hope that the mature tone of this chapter is not only limited to these aspects but also embraces the narrative.


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