According to Eric Williams, the game presents masculinity within the standards currently accepted by society
God of War Ragnarok is a game with a high degree of “masculinity”. Who admits this is director Eric Williams, who commented on this aspect not only in the new game, but also in the entire franchise. Even so, the series showed a good evolution in this characteristic, in his opinion.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Williams said that just as Kratos matured over the course of the games, the developers went through this process as well. For him, currently, the title brings masculinity within the standards accepted by society.

It's always been that way [with masculinity]. It adjusted as we got older. In the first games we were 20 years old and we were stupid, it was a different time. A good friend once told me that if you're not ashamed of who you were five years ago, then you haven't grown as a human being.

And I think as we grew up, so did Kratos at the same time, but… he's still that guy. At the end of the day, people keep coming to his house, and at some point he has to defend his home. And that was a big part of the story. Everyone goes to his house. In the end, he goes to their house, and you don't want him to come to yours.

However, he gives everyone an opportunity to be like, 'come on, it doesn't have to be this way.' He is very different from how he was before. I think it's in line with how masculinity can be expressed today. You don't have to hold everything. You can be open to talking, but you can also be the bear that defends the fort. Because it needs to be there, because other people are going to take advantage of you.

God of War Ragnarok is available for PS4 and PS5.


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