Director Eric Williams explains that the company had the story very right in mind and did not think of other destinations for the characters
Santa Monica must have considered a lot of different endings and fates for the characters of God of War Ragnarok, right? Well, we'll never know. But what has just been revealed is that one of them, specifically, was never considered.

Before, and even during the game, the expectation is huge to see Kratos' fate. After all, the prophecy revealed in 2018's God of War indicated that he would perish in the final battle. And the feeling of uncertainty about the fate of our beloved Cleiton hovers over the dozens of hours of his second title in Norse mythology.

But, if you made it to the end, you know that Father of the Year was immune to yet another epic journey. And according to Eric Williams, director of the game, that was always the idea. In an interview with the Washington Post, he spoke about the matter.

“Oh no, we never considered killing Kratos, for a variety of reasons. But the main thing is that this was not the story we wanted to tell. The idea has always been about the father and son relationship, how it can evolve and how one helps the other to be better, but they also work even apart”, he commented.

According to him, the ending with Kratos standing by Freya to rebuild the worlds and Atreus going to seek his destiny was a much smoother way to make this separation than killing someone. And now, does the story end right there? Nothing has been officially said, but it is known that the studios are working on "multiple projects".

Who knows one of them is not a sequel? Maybe not with Kratos, but with Atreus? Assumptions, possibilities… And you, what do you expect? Williams explains that "it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing" for his studio to be known only as "the God of War studio". Is there anything coming?


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