Despite the controversies with a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy suggested by some fans, the game is already ready and its last gameplay video was fantastic. On YouTube, there are more than 2 million views in four days, and the comments are very positive.

Meanwhile, do you remember the ASMR from Hogwarts Legacy? Then, a new version arrived. Or rather, four new versions. In a kind of celebration of winter in the northern hemisphere, the developers of the title released videos with the fireplaces in the common rooms of each Hogwarts house.

They're super simple and were all posted on the game's official YouTube channel. In each one, however, it is possible to notice the small details different from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. All in 4K and with a very interesting audio work.

Reproducing above or clicking here, you watch a playlist with the four contents. Even if you're excited for Hogwarts Legacy and haven't browsed the game's profile on the video site yet, here's a friendly tip: do it! There's a lot of cool stuff there.


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