"IB Museum of Horror" will launch the Nintendo Switch version on March 9 next year
"Ib" is an adventure game released in 2012, and the author kouri subsequently launched a remake on April 11, 2022. The publisher of this work, PLAYISM, announced that "IB" will be released on the NS platform next year and at the same time announced the release day promotional video of the NS version.

According to reports, the Nintendo Switch boxed version will include an A5-sized art setting collection that includes game creation manuscripts and a list of Grüttner’s collections as a special gift, and also prepares the game’s protagonist Ibrahimovic. A luxurious limited edition boxed edition of the "Lace Embroidery Handkerchief".

The NS version of this game is divided into two boxed versions, the usual boxed version with art setting set is 3980 yen, and the luxury limited boxed version with art setting set and lace embroidery handkerchief It is 4980 yen.

AndroBliz understands that this game is a 2D exploratory adventure game in an art gallery full of strange artworks. The main character is a girl named Ib.

When she goes to Weis·Guertenas' exhibition with her parents, she falls into the fantasy world in the painting, where she meets Garry and Mary and goes on an adventure with them.

While looking for items, you can use the characteristics of artworks to solve mechanism puzzles, etc., with the goal of escaping from this wonderful art museum, so it is also called the horror art museum.

"IB Museum of Horror" will launch the Nintendo Switch version on March 9 next year


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