LG Electronics Vietnam (LG) officially launched LG Posé - an artistic OLED TV line representing a different high-end lifestyle.
LG Electronics Vietnam (LG) officially launched LG Posé - an artistic OLED TV line representing a different high-end lifestyle. LG Posé TV is part of LG's collection of modern, high-end and fashionable products, called Objet Collection.

More than an electronic device, Posé is elevated to a beautiful work of art where every little detail is taken care of with a perfect design without dead corners. Fashionable beauty is present not only on the front but also on the back and also when viewed horizontally.

Combined with LG's OLED screen technology - the world's number 1 best-selling OLED TV brand, Posé sparks a completely new lifestyle, creating endless inspiration for modern users in daily life.

Perfect work of art, comprehensive function

Posé is different from the rest of the TV world because it is not just an electronic device but has become a true work of art. That perfect beauty comes from design, shaping to even materials, along with the most modern OLED technology. Posé is mainly shaped by rounded lines, creating softness and smoothness, exuding the perfection of a work of art.

Set in a soothing beige frame, Posé offers a sense of harmony, the fabric finish creates warmth and intimacy, whether visual or tactile when the fingers are directly touched.

Removing the clutter by a variety of accessories and cables like conventional products, Posé is beautiful without dead corners because everything is hidden behind the lid and bracket, while the power cord is completely hidden due to can be cleverly arranged along the base.

Born to please owners with high aesthetic gout, Posé can flexibly transform to fit any space and lifestyle. The slim design and three borderless edges make Posé like a picture, exuding an artistic look regardless of whether it is wall-mounted or combined with a stand.

In particular, with a unique back, Posé helps create a multi-functional space for homeowners, which can be arbitrarily transformed into a corner to display magazines, pictures, and music discs according to their inspiration.

Another indispensable piece is the Gallery Mode feature, which allows the screen to display artworks when not in view, breaking the monotony of a traditional electronic device.

Today, consumers tend to invest in the quality of living space, with the desire to have a place to rest and regenerate energy after a long working day. Therefore, the presence of Posé with its soft and smooth beauty will meet the needs of its owners: Inspiring and arousing positive energies through perfect design and comprehensive functionality in every area. angled.

The first state-of-the-art art TV to use the latest OLED panels

In addition to being flawless from any angle, Posé also delivers stunning picture quality with wide and consistent viewing angles from any viewing position thanks to OLED panel technology evo has 20% higher brightness.

Combining LG's advanced imaging algorithms and the α9 Gen5 AI Processor delivers incredible sharpness, absolute blacks, endless contrast, and outstandingly vibrant, vibrant colors.

Coupled with the stunning picture quality of OLED evo technology, Posé delivers a fully immersive audio experience with its built-in multi-channel speakers.

AI Sound Pro technology uses artificial intelligence, allowing you to enjoy sound like a 7.1.2 speaker system. Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos technologies are the pieces for Posé to reach perfection, bringing the whole cinema home with cinema-quality picture and sound.

More than just a TV, Posé is flexible and versatile in the role of a true gaming monitor. 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth image reproduction, combined with specialized features for gamers such as G-Sync, FreeSync, ALLM, Game Optimizer… Behind a stylish design are also the technology High-end technology is fully brought to Posé by LG.

In addition to a synchronized aesthetic design with elegant beige tones, the Magic Remote on the Posé is also ergonomically shaped. Ease of use with voice control and NFC communication allows quick pairing of Posé with smartphones with just one touch. The experience on Posé is made even more user-friendly thanks to webOS 6.0, stable with high-speed Wi-Fi 5, and easy control of smart devices with ThinQ AI.

Confirmed through a series of prestigious awards

LG Electronics has received 13 awards in the International Excellence Design Award (IDEA) 2022 program (*). In particular, the LG Posé series has excellently won the Gold Award at this year's IDEA, honoring the uniqueness of the space-enhancing design style as well as the latest high-end OLED technologies of LG.

And at the prestigious Red Dot (**) Design Award, LG Posé was also honored with the Best of the best award. The organizers commented that this is an impressive product when built based on the legacy design, while integrating modern technologies.

The rear part of the TV is cleverly designed to hide unnecessary parts, allowing Posé to be placed anywhere in the room. The product is delicately designed as a piece of furniture, the proportions of balance and harmony create inspiration and help Posé easily fit into any interior space.

Mr. Sung Woo Nam, General Director of LG Electronics Vietnam shared: “As the world's leading manufacturer of home appliances, LG is constantly researching, developing and striving for comprehensive innovation, with the desire to increase prices. value and improve the quality of life of customers. Those determinations are realized through pioneering innovation and development of OLED – the ultimate display technology. From traditional TV models to the top with the Signature line, and continue to go further to turn the TV into a masterpiece of art that LG OLED Posé represents. With Posé, TV has truly become art, liberating new values and inspiring life with the creative quintessence of both technology and aesthetics.”


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