With 3D audio support and 4K/60 FPS, the game comes to PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on January 20, 2023
A few days ago, insider “The Snitch” claimed that Monster Hunter Rise would be announced for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series. Said and done, the game will hit consoles on January 20, 2023.

Capcom revealed the game via a trailer. In the content, you can see battles against giant monsters, as well as details such as 4K/60 FPS support (there will also be a 1080p/120 FPS option) and 3D audio (PS5). In addition, the publisher confirms the “Sunbreak” DLC for the 2nd half of next year.
In an article on the PS Blog, Capcom brought a small synopsis of the history of Monster Hunter Rise. The player controls a novice hunter, who needs to protect Kamura Village, after the reappearance of Magnamalo and the horde of so-called Rampage. 50 years ago, the village suffered losses because of this threat, but now, the protagonist must fight to save his people.

Also according to the publisher, players will have the “Wirebugs” available, life forms that “have unique special attacks for each of the 14 types of weapons in the game”. Also wait for the help of the “Palamute Canyne”, a dog that serves as a mount to cross the map. He even provides support with the “Palico Felyne” cats.

Among the enemies that players will face are the classic Rathalos and Rathian. However, new creatures will emerge to challenge you, such as Magmanalo, which "can use a purple gas consisting of other consumed monsters, the Hellfire", as reported by the PS Blog.

Finally, the Japanese publisher commented on the presence of DualSense's adaptive trigger technology and on cooperative multiplayer, which supports up to three more friends online. With the controller, fans will feel resistance with Gunner weapons and a slight recoil when blocking with a shield.


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