Although the release of Mi 13 has been postponed, the products it brought did not disappoint Mi Fan.
Although the release of Mi 13 has been postponed, the products it brought did not disappoint Mi Fan. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 200W fast charging, the increase in quantity does not increase the price, which made many consumers exclaim: buy it.

At present, two new models of the Mi 13 series have been released. Recalling that the previous generation of Mi 12S Ultra is so powerful, then when the last Mi 13 UItra of the series debuts, what better performance will it bring?

According to the well-informed blogger @数码问话站, Mi 13 UItra will provide large-capacity options such as 16GB RAM+512GB ROM/1TB, and has already started purchasing, and it is the latest full-blooded version of LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0.

In addition, the blogger also mentioned the two code names of M1 and M18. It is not difficult to predict that they are the new folding screen phones of Mi 13 UItra and Mi MIX Fold 3, which are products that have not been released so far for Xiaomi’s annual flagship.

Although it is not yet known what kind of powerful configuration Mi 13 UItra brings, in recent years, the development of software has made the storage capacity of mobile phones more and more occupied.

Therefore, as the strongest version of Mi 13 series, it will definitely be stacked directly on the capacity combination. Full, so that the user will not have the situation that the mobile phone capacity is not enough.

As for the Xiaomi folding screen, consumers are most concerned about the next-generation appearance design, and it is likely to adopt a design concept similar to the previous one. The lines of the fuselage are designed with straight lines, which is more visually a kind of business.

And Mi MIX Fold3 should be released together with Mi 13 UItra, and it will also be equipped with 16GB RAM + 512GB ROM/1TB capacity version. Of course, the price of the folding screen will also be higher.

In addition, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun once said that the next generation of Ultra will be released globally, which should be this year’s Mi 13 UItra, or it may be the Mi 13S UItra version, but no matter what, these flagship products are worth looking forward to.


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