Recently, In an interview with Gematsu, Forspoken Creative Director Raio Mitsuno confirmed that the demo released on the PS Store does not represent the final product.

According to him, the content was made available only to introduce the Athia universe to fans, as well as to introduce parkour systems and gameplay based on elemental magic.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have released a new gameplay trailer for Forspoken highlighting the DualSense features.

The title will be compatible with the main new generation technologies and promises to bring a high level of immersion through the PlayStation 5 joystick.

According to the clip, spells will be activated by different levels of pressure applied to the controller's triggers.

Additionally, haptic feedback applies to terrain sensations, with transport via water, land and air offering alternative experiences through enhanced vibration.

Another novelty in Forspoken includes the emission of sounds via the DualSense speaker. All of these aspects contribute to ensuring deep and precise gameplay, where every magical action and exploration is conveyed to recreate the unique universe of Athia.

Feel the magic of Athia unfold in your hands with the power of the DualSense controller and next-gen immersion on PS5. Forspoken will be released on January 24th.

Square Enix has also confirmed pre-order cosmetic content. Anyone who purchases the Digital Deluxe or Digital Standard before January 24th is entitled to claim a PlayStation-themed necklace, nail polish and skin.


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