According to exclusive news from Deadline, Story Kitchen will cooperate with Sloclap, the developer of "The Master (SIFU)", to adapt the game into a live-action movie.

According to reports, screenwriter Derek Kolstad will be responsible for adapting the script. His representative works include "John Wick" and "Deadly Express".

AndroBliz learned that on February 8 this year, the kung fu game "SIFU" was officially released and landed on Sony PS4, PS5 game consoles and PC platforms. In November, "SIFU" also landed on the Nintendo Switch platform.

According to reports, the game is written in third person and tells the story of a young kung fu apprentice who embarks on a path of revenge to find the killer of his family.

He wants one enemy against a hundred, has no friends to rely on, and only countless enemies in front of him. He can only rely on his unique mastery of kung fu and a mysterious pendant to triumph and pass on the family legacy.

In the game, players will play different roles and fight enemies in hidden corners of the city and company buildings.

In terms of operation, players can use items as weapons and use the environment to help themselves.


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