Largan was revealed to be preparing for Apple's iPhone 15, investing more than NT$8.5 billion to purchase new machines
According to Taiwan Economic Daily, the outside world is expected to usher in a major upgrade next year for Apple’s iPhone 15.

According to market reports, in addition to the flagship model being equipped with a periscope lens for the first time to make the phone thinner and lighter, for the comprehensive improve to the imaging quality, Apple designated suppliers to use ALD atomic layer deposition coating equipment with an asking price of more than NT$100 million each.

According to market estimates, the total cost of ALD coating equipment purchased by Largan has exceeded the company's highest capital expenditure (NT$8.5 billion) over the years.

Taiwan media pointed out that due to the long delivery time of the equipment and the fact that the equipment still needs to be verified, Largan placed an order to purchase the equipment last year and mastered the noise-resolving light (Flare) technology.

In addition to the periscope telephoto lens, the two newly added prisms will also need to be coated in the future. Because Largan has mastered the technology and pioneered opportunities, it is expected to take all orders for new machine upgrade lenses.

According to the data, the new high of Largan’s capital expenditure was NT$8.5 billion in 2019. AndroBliz learned that the outside world expects that with the arrival of ALD equipment, Largan's capital expenditure will be pushed to a new high.


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