ViewerAnon, the uncle party who accurately broke the news of "The Last of Us" episodes and "Crash Bandicoot 4", revealed: "Neil Druckmann (the screenwriter of "The Last of Us Part II") next The first game is "The Last of Us 3", and Naughty Dog is already developing it!"

ViewerAnon also stated that "Uncharted" will be produced by another company, and (for Naughty Dog) the current series is derived first, and no new IP will be developed.

AndroBliz reminds that there is currently no official news about "The Last of Us 3". Considering that the ending of the story of "The Last of Us 2" does not seem to leave much room, the specific information should be subject to the official Naughty Dog.

There is another anecdote that can be mentioned here. Reddit forum netizen @wtfcommittee used AI to generate the script of "The Last of Us 3" yesterday, telling the story of Abby sacrificing herself to save Ellie.

The story connects to the end of "The Last of Us 2", and Ellie no longer revenges Abby. Afterwards, Abby and Lev try to find a way to treat the Cordyceps fungus infection, and also discover that the Firefly group is still trying to catch Ellie.

The plot turns here, and Lev convinces Abby that they must protect Allie from fireflies, so they set out to protect Allie along the way.

When Firefly kidnaps Dina's son and threatens Ellie into submission, Abby sacrifices herself to protect Ellie. Before she died, she told Ellie that she regretted killing Joel and hoped that Ellie would forgive her, after which she swallowed her last breath.

At the end of the story, Lev and other survivors successfully found a cure for the fungal infection without sacrificing Ellie, bringing change to the world.


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