Game supposedly had its production restarted shortly before the start of the internal testing phase
Beyond Good and Evil 2 broke the record as the longest project to be released in video games. It's been 5,234 days since the 2008 trailer was announced and the title has surpassed Duke Nukem Forever's negative meta.

New rumors shared by journalist Tom Henderson (via Insider Gaming) suggest that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the early stages of development. Ubisoft 's new game would have recently gone through internal testing phases.

The insider claims that the project is in the “lockdown phase” stage, where there are small areas with low-resolution textures. Supposedly, the slow development is due to a reboot performed before the experiments, when it was necessary to change the concept presented by the 2018 demo.

Previously, anonymous sources reported that the tests would start in the North American summer and would be closed to friends and family members of Ubisoft. Despite this, images and clips reached the author of the article anonymously and showed the first differences in relation to the initial version.
Most of the images and footage provided to Insider Gaming show empty planets with locked structures for buildings. Any structures that had any kind of detail were of very low quality; almost as if the game was being tested on an ultra-low setting.

Henderson also suggests a clear downgrade between the current build and the one presented in 2018. The journalist regrets that the overall quality is “nothing” like the previous one and reinforces small similarities only in the design of some spacecraft.

With numerous postponements, Beyond Good and Evil 2 continues without a release date. It is worth remembering that all information mentioned should be treated as rumors.


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