After making its debut on PS4, PS5 and PC, SIFU is on its way to Xbox and will also be available for purchase on Steam. Sloclap announced the news along with an Arena mode.

Meanwhile, Sloclap released a new update for SIFU, where several bugs needed special attention. The fixes take care of issues with resetting fighter skills and setbacks in delivering important resources to proceed with the adventure.

After completing certain in-game objectives, rewards were not being delivered correctly. With the update, those who have already completed these missions will still earn the amount of coins retroactively.

Another novelty that ended up not working as it should was the replay editor. Sloclap identified many crashes happening while using the feature and promoted improvements so that it no longer affects player sessions.

SIFU's Training Rooms and Wuguan were also behaving similarly, but the studio addressed the issues with Patch 1.16.

About losing skill points after downloading update 3, the developer has identified a way around the situation. Those affected will need to create a new save. When choosing the “Create New Game” option, an “import skill progression” option will appear. Just enable it to access your points.


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