Sloclap continues to work hard on the kung-fu game, which is coming to new platforms soon
Deadline's sources confirmed that a live-action film inspired by SIFU is in development. The project has Derek Kolstad, creator of the scripts for the John Wick franchise, as the main writer and has the support of the Sloclap studio in the production.

Meanwhile, SIFU 's epic kung-fu fights will expand. The acclaimed martial arts game will receive a major update in 2023, with a new mode, called Arenas, and versions for Xbox and Steam. Today, it's only available on PlayStation and the Epic Store.

The Arenas will put players in the middle of intense combat against different enemies, and according to Sloclap, will give interesting rewards.

“Completing the arenas will progressively unlock several new modifiers, bringing new moves to the main character, in addition to new cheats and clothes”, says the company, which tweeted jokingly with the news – first published by IGN.

More news will be revealed soon, but something to be highlighted is the good support that SIFU has been receiving in its post-launch.

In the last update, released this month, for example, several contents were added to the game.


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