Director Glen Schofield and the game's official profile are dealing with pressure on the internet
The Callisto Protocol premiered last Friday (2), but not everything was rosy for Striking Distance Studios.

The horror game launched with a number of performance issues. Since then, players have been filling the producer's social networks with requests for improvements.

Among the complaints, followers highlight poor ray tracing optimization and ask for improvements in the Xbox Series X and PC version. The PS5 edition also suffers from problems, but the disputes are largely from the other two platforms mentioned.

Remembering, The Callisto Protocol has already received a patch of corrections, as mentioned by director Glen Schofield in one of the interactions. See some of the reactions from the community (and the developer) in the posts below.

The Callisto Protocol: Comparison Between PS5, Xbox Series And PC Versions

Proving this series of problems, the youtuber “ElAnalistaDeBits” compared the PC version with the PS5 and Xbox Series in a new video.


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