The European Union has finally set an official expiration date after which any electronic device sold in the territory must be equipped with a USB-C port for charging. So no problem for medium and high-end Android smartphones but certainly a big change for Apple's iPhones.

The EU officially passed the charger law in October, but no specific date was known for it to go into effect. Today's release states that devices will need to have a USB-C port by December 28, 2024.

Products that rely solely on wireless charging are excluded, ie those that are not equipped with any port, as in the case of the Apple Watch to be clear. In this case they will not be forced to include the USB-C port.

Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak "Joz," confirmed Apple has no choice but to comply with the new EU law. Joz didn't say when the company will include the USB-C port on the iPhone, but given the "loose timing" due to the December 28, 2024 deadline, Apple will also have to wait for the iPhone‌ 16 before moving forward with the change.

Apple's history teaches us that when the company is forced to change, it prefers to do it as soon as possible rather than waiting for the last second, and considering that in addition to the iPhone there are many other products to change, it would be better to start as soon as possible.

In fact, even AirPods, mice, keyboards and trackpads will have to switch to the USB-C port.


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