Metaverse is a new trend in the technology industry today and Meta is considered as the “leader” with the “virtual world” project.
Metaverse is a new trend in the technology industry today and Meta is considered as the “leader” with the “virtual world” project.

However, in terms of metaverse patents, there are 10 other companies that own a large number, even topping this ranking is LG, not Facebook's parent company.

Most of the companies that own a large number of Metaverse patents come from China and Korea, of which the two most prominent names are LG and Huawei.

However, the goal of these companies is not only to focus on mobile phones, but also to support many other product types (mainly hardware).

Currently, both LG and Huawei are in the process of preparing to launch devices capable of Metaverse applications, a number of other companies have also listed patent products.

from the famous US market research center - IDC, before 2026, global Metaverse applications can bring profit value up to 74.7 billion USD and grow 4 times higher within 5 back year.

That particular piece of hardware has played an important role in opening up more access to the virtual world, such as Meta's virtual reality headset released last month

Metaverse Patent Rankings:

Relying on patent rankings compiled by Cyber Creative, since 2016, LG has always been the brand that owns the most patents and that helps the company achieve 11th place in 5 years (from 2010 to 2015), then climb to the top in this 2022.

Samsung Electronics ranked second with two strengths: display panels and semiconductors. The company has also quickly established itself in the core component business rather than virtual reality glasses and other finished products. Third place belongs to Meta.

Huawei, a name that did not make the top 20 in the previous survey, has now moved up to fourth place. This Chinese brand has a large number of patents related to image processing and display.

In fifth place is Microsoft while Intel and Apple are also among the six US companies making it into the top 10. TikTok's parent company ByteDance is now starting to ramp up its Metaverse development through deals. patent acquisition.

Sony is the only company from Japan in the top 10 and is ranked 6th. In total, the top 20 companies have earned 7,760 metaverse patents. In which, technology firms from the US accounted for 57%, followed by South Korea with 9% while China and Japan had 12% and 9% respectively.


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