Publisher Kalpyso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios have announced the release date for Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale this Friday (16). The pirate game in the best Skull & Bones style arrives on January 19th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

The structure of the game is very similar to that of Ubisoft. Here, expect to manage resources from your pirate ships, strategize how to defeat enemies on the high seas, and of course, loot them to your satisfaction. Check out the trailer focused on ship customization options:

Your goal in Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale is to become a respected pirate on the seven seas, in a time when the Caribbean was dominated by the four "Old World" colonies. It will be possible to plunder several Spanish, Dutch, French and English colonies.

There will also be ways to make different upgrades to your ship's basic equipment, such as armament, hull or mast - there are more than 360 unique options and 18 different vessels. In addition, you will have to share the spoils and riches conquered with your crew.

Check out more information about Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale (via Gematsu) below:
In Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale, it's time to see if you really have what it takes to become the greatest pirate in the Caribbean! Sail the vast and beautiful Caribbean Sea as players begin their journey with their eyes on gold and eternal glory. Choose from 18 unique ship types and customize distinctive features, from flag and weaponry to hull and bow.


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