Apple iPhone 14’s car accident detection and satellite help function made contributions, and two people were successfully rescued after falling off a
Two men fell off a cliff due to a traffic accident recently. Fortunately, they managed to get out of danger through the "satellite emergency help" and "car accident detection" functions on the iPhone 14 mobile phone.

AndroBliz learned that the accident occurred on the Angeles Forest Road in Angeles National Forest, California. A car rushed over the side of a mountain and fell into a remote canyon about 300 feet (about 91.50 meters). The iPhone 14 model in the car detected a car accident.

Since there was no mobile phone signal, an emergency SOS was sent to the rescuers via satellite to help the rescuers quickly locate the location.

The victim sent an emergency SOS text message via satellite to an Apple relay center, whose employees then sent a distress call to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The Montrose Research and Rescue team located the two men who had fallen and lifted them up by helicopter. They were taken to a local hospital, and the entire rescue process was recorded on video.

Montrose Search and Rescue confirmed it used Apple's emergency satellite service to get help, sharing a tweet showing extensive damage to the vehicle as it fell down the hill.

The search and rescue team said Apple's call center was able to provide "the exact latitude and longitude of the victim."


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