About us
Hello! Thank you for your interest of inquiring about the AndroBliz's About Us. Hence, AndroBliz is using this opportunity to welcome all our visitors.

AndroBliz - The apprise in Technology was established in the year 2016, it was created for the purpose of distributing meaningful Information which will impact more knowledge to it's user.

At present we're doing all we can to get AndroBliz to one of the top ranking and best blog ever.

Our Mission:
We intend to give you “readers/visitors” the latest updates and what is related to technology, especially in “phone review, specifications & features.” PC, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC.

Though our information might not be correct sometimes as stated in the Disclaimer, but we promise to be providing unique and relevant information to keep you in track in the technology world.

We also provide help, guide and tips to people who got themselves engaged in any difficulties in technology world. Stay connected to AndroBliz because we're here to provide help, educate and enlighten you.